Your Business Purpose?

Clarifying Your Business Purpose

Clarifying your business purpose with a clear vision and mission is an essential step in establishing the momentum needed to move the business forward!

Your vision provides a picture of a future state for the organization that inspires action.   Your mission communicates the commitment to take actions that propel you toward the desired state by adding value to the most important stakeholders, customers.

This worksheet provides a 5 step process for creating a vision and mission statement that summarizes what benefits your business promises to deliver to customers and how these benefits will be provided.

For a new business, establishing a compelling vision and mission is a must! For an existing business, this exercise is an opportunity to reassess your current vision and mission statement.

Using the Clarifying Your Business Purpose Worksheet:

  1. Describe what you believe are your preferred customers wants and needs
  2. Describe the challenges you believe are holding your preferred customers back from having what they want and need
  3. Describe how you believe your products and services will benefit customers
  4. Create a statement that summarizes your commitment to customers going forward
  5. Share your statement with someone that can give you objective feedback

Your vision and mission are important tools for aligning people, processes and technology with your organization’s intentions to add value to its most important stakeholders, customers.