Your Community Purpose?

Clarifying Your Community Purpose

Is there something missing from your personal or professional life?  Something that fits the description of a Mastermind Group?  … a group of like-minded people who collectively brainstorm ideas and strategies to help each other move forward.

The Mastermind Group model is an effective approach for connecting people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to interact on a regular basis.  It provides an environment for safe collaborative dialogue between people who come together to explore new possibilities, solve challenging problems, and create mutually beneficial opportunities.

This worksheet provides a 5 step process for developing a vision and mission statement that could secure the support needed to create a community group based on this proven model.

 Using the Clarifying Your Community Purpose Worksheet:

  1. Describe what you believe are the wants and needs of desired group members
  2. Describe what you believe are the challenges desired members are facing
  3. Describe what you believe are the benefits group membership would provide
  4. Draft a statement that summarizes what you believe are the desired members’ wants, needs, challenges and benefits of membership
  5. Share your draft with trusted potential members to test your assumptions and get feedback

This validated statement will be a valuable tool for securing the support needed to co-create, grow and sustain an empowering community group.