Your Life Purpose?

Clarifying Your Life Purpose

Clarifying your life purpose isn’t as hard as most of us think it is!

Getting clear on what’s most important to you can lay a solid foundation for purpose-full intentions you can give your whole heart and soul to.

This worksheet takes you through a 5 step process that creates a statement summarizing your desired outcomes in important areas, the value you believe will be added, and what you are committed to doing to achieve these outcomes.

Using the Clarifying Your Life Purpose Worksheet:

  1. Assess your current level of satisfaction in important areas of your life
  2. Create a one sentence description of your desired outcomes in the most important areas
  3. Describe the value you believe your desired outcomes will provide
  4. Identify actions you could commit to taking to achieve desired outcomes
  5. Use the worksheet to combine the information above and create a statement that summarizes your purpose-full intentions